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NEWORLEANS - The water boil advisory for the east bank of Orleans Parish has been canceled, according to the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans.

'The advisory is cancelled because bacteriological tests confirmed that water in the city is safe to drink and can be used as normal for personal needs,' said a statement from Robert Jackson, a spokesman for the Sewerage and Water Board.

Residents are asked to flush their external and internal water system by running water for a few minutes.

A brief power outage at one of the Sewerage and Water Board's plants inspired the advisory. Water pressure dropped which may have caused contamination.

'What we worry about is sewerage contamination of the drinking water...with coliform bacteria. We all have a certain amount of coliforms in our GI track. Healthy people, probably not as much of a problem as somebody who might be immuno-suppressed, somebody who is getting chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer, someone who has HIV/AIDS, I would be much more concerned. They ought to be drinking bottled water,' said Dr. James Diaz of LSUHSC Public Health.

Schools on the east bank of Orleans Parish were closed and businesses had struggled to get by during the water boil advisory.

And earlierTuesday, tap water was considered safe to bathe, but officials said residents should keep their eyes and mouth closed and minimize their time in the shower. If residents have wounds or open sores, officials said to wait to bathe. Resident were told not to wash food, brush teeth, drink with the water.

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