NEW ORLEANS - Motorists waiting to see if they will continue to pay a toll to cross the Crescent City Connection in the new year will have to wait until at least Tuesday for a resolution.

The ultra-tight race currently favors the tolls continuing by a total of eight votes out of over 300,000 cast on Election Day and in early voting.

The counting will be done on Tuesday in deference to the Veteran's Day holiday weekend, according to Jay Batt, the president of the Board of Supervisors of Elections for Orleans Parish.

'This change of date complies with a Louisiana Secretary of State directive,' explained Batt. 'In light of the emergency in the Northeast caused by Hurricane Sandy, this gives the Board the opportunity to make certain that all ballots are accounted for and processed accurately,' Batt said.

Of course, considering the margin, the final tally could be contested by the losing side.

Official participants who may be present during the counting and tabulations include all candidates and their representatives and qualified electors.

Provisional ballots that will be counted are paper ballots cast on election day for federal races only. Provisional ballots will be counted separately from Overseas Military ballots.

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