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It's been a tough, cold week for those who live in parts of the northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy. But this weekend, some will be on the receiving end of Louisiana's goodwill and good food.

'You can see how high the water was,' said Willie Stozski, a Staten Island resident. Stozski spent the day gutting a fellow Staten Islander's home, as the destructive nature of Sandy was all around.

'If you go down a block or two, the people don't have the money to afford to fix everything up,' said Stozski.

Out of New York City's five boroughs, Staten Island was the hardest hit, with a nine-foot storm surge and the highest number of causalities.

A nor'easter this week added to the problem.

This weekend thousands of affected Staten Islanders will get a taste of Louisiana as a show of support.

'We're doing chicken and sausage jambalaya, little green salad with Creole mustard vinaigrette and some yeast rolls,' said Dudley Passman, Zatarain's director of Food Service. 'That's a good hot meal.'

Zatarain's New York-bound company trailer arrived Friday. From it, they expect to feed 4,000 people on Staten Island this weekend.

'We all learned so much through Katrina and everything that has gone on. All the volunteers we had, it was just a good opportunity to come up and give back,' said Passman.

Someone who knows about giving back is retired New York City fire fighter Jack Oehm, Staten Island resident. He was one of 300 firemen who came to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Oehm is appreciative of what people are doing for his community now, especially New Orleanians who came to help.

'Hopefully, we don't have to repay you once again, but if we do, we're going to be there,' said Oehm.

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