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NEWORLEANS - Orleans election officials will certify the election results on Wednesday, and there is a possibility for minor changes in the latest numbers.

The most controversial issue on the ballot, the Crescent City Connection toll renewal, is still being debated.

A review of 20 more absentee ballots Tuesday increased the victory for the renewal by a narrow margin.

Sixteen votes out of 308,000 decided the outcome.

The fight may not be over - toll opponents are considering whether to challenge the results in court.

Opponents have a month to decide if they will challenge.

One of the leading opponents, Louisiana Rep. Pat Connick (R - Marrero,) said he will not challenge the results, but he did begin an inquiry.

Connick asked Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell to release details on the write-in ballots, walk-in ballots, early voting ballots, provisional ballots and, in particular, those ballots that were disqualified.

'Whatever the outcome, we have raised this issue to a new level, and we have made sure that DOT knows that we're on them and they got to change their ways. So, it's a win-win sort of. There are some people that I represent who are angry and upset, as you can imagine,' Connick said.

The certification will begin at noon.

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