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PEARL RIVER, La. -- People along the Pearl River Navigational Canal say the water is at a troublesome, low level.

Some say the area between Locks 1 and 2 hasn't been the same since the lock failure threat after Hurricane Isaac.

'The water is, it's lower and that's the reason I'm on this side of the locks,' said Glenn Smith, a hunter.

The decreased level isn't just an issue for boaters, who have to work around obstacles like trees and sandbars. It's a concern for homeowners and their way of life on the canal.

'All of our lives, it's always been easy access and we could enjoy it at any time,' said Will Parker, who lives near Lock 2.

Just the opposite was the issue in the days after Hurricane Isaac, when hundreds were quickly evacuated from their homes for fear of floodwater toppling Lock 2.

The Army Corps of Engineers is tackling the new trouble by closing a valve left open on Lock 1 after Isaac, meant to keep water pressure down on that structure, to prevent damage similar to Lock 2.

A spokesman said that will either stabilize the water levels, or point out another problem. While the Army Corps of Engineers is working on any possible issues with Lock 1, the agency is doing research on any temporary or permanent repairs here at Lock 2, which includes plans to re-fill the land that washed away alongside the lock.

Both problems, unresolved, leave canal lovers worried about the waterway's future, and their own.

The Army Corps of Engineers does not have a timeline on repairs to Lock 2 or when the fix to Lock 1 can be determined a success or not.

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