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MCCOMB, Miss. -- Authorities near McComb, Mississippi say the October death of a 45-year-old man is suspicious, but they can't do anything about it, for now.

The last of the reminders of what happened at the rental house on Ward Drive in Summit, MS are being bagged and removed. But the mystery of what led to Curtis Dunaway's death there is still plaguing his family.

'He had love in his heart for everybody and for something like this to happen to him, it's unreal, it's a nightmare, it's been a nightmare for a month,' Glenn Dunaway said.

Authorities say they were called to the home in the early morning hours of Oct. 21 for a disturbance. The incident report says deputies found Dunaway dead and naked, with facial injuries.

The Pike County Sheriff's Office says three people who were also in the home were arrested. Two teens, one Dunaway's son, who were also unclothed, were booked for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Dunaway's live-in girlfriend was also arrested for allowing her son, the other teen, to be under the influence of drugs.

But then the investigation stopped. The Pike County Sheriff's Office says that's because their investigation can't move forward until the State Medical Examiner's office determines a cause of death.

Dunaway's family says the 45-year-old's death certificate says blunt force trauma to the head is the cause of death, and they're confident the state will find the same.

'I don't feel that it's over with,' Glenn Dunaway said. 'I don't think the sheriff's office, investigators, or the DA are going to drop it because they want to get to the truth.'

The truth is something friends and family hopes leads to justice.

Authorities say there is no timeline for the Medical Examiners Office to complete its report on the Dunaway case.

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