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METAIRIE, La. -- With Christmas Day quickly approaching, many people are finding themselves in a bit of a holiday crunch.

Crowds of people roamed through Lakeside Mall in Metairie on Sunday, folks like Arita Smith and her daughter Tamika, who spent the morning picking up some last-minute gifts.

'I love all the Christmas things going on, but I love to shop for my grandson,' Arita Smith said. 'So, we came to get some more items for him.'

Tamika Smith said, 'We like to get things done early -- bright and early -- like 6 a.m. I am up and ready to go. Breakfast is served and we're out the door'

Not everyone felt the pressure of racing against the holiday clock. Cathleen Stuart was on a different mission.

'Actually we're not doing Christmas shopping. We're buying clothes because we figured there would be some good sales and we might as well take advantage of it,' she said.

But with the typically large crowds, last-minute shopping is a headache for many shoppers.

Some, however, say it's a welcome tradition.

'I just spend time with my daughter,' said Jeffrey Karas. 'It's a fun time, something special that we get to do together'

Tamika Smith said, 'It has been amazing. I mean I've been getting to see people I haven't seen before, and we're all kind of like in this holiday spirit. I'm loving it, I'm loving it.'

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