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NEW ORLEANS -- Chris and Cawanda Lennox have been trying to get their Lower Ninth Ward home rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina, but say they've had so many problems, from bad contractors to burglars.

'Very tough,' Chris Lennox said. 'I'm living with my father. My father and my sister and my five kids.'

The St. Bernard Project is helping the Lennoxes rebuild, when they can find enough volunteers for this and the other thirty repair projects now underway.

'I think for families like the Lennonxes, the need is absolutely urgent,' said Zack Rosenburg of the St. Bernard Project.

But many of the volunteers from across America who have supported the St. Bernard Project since Hurricane Katrina are now helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

'If this was a month ago, we would have had volunteers at this house, but unfortunately some of our volunteers are moving to other parts of the country,' Rosenburg said. 'They're saying we need to invest where the need is most urgent.'

So now the St. Bernard Project is looking for New Orleans residents to help them complete their mission, and they've started a Home for the Holidays campaign, hoping that you will help your neighbors who can't get back home make that dream come true.

'We need the New Orleans community to do two thi9ngs. We need volunteers from here, weekends, evenings, weekdays if possible, we'll shift our schedules,' Rosenburg said. 'The second thing, we need dollars. We need dollars for building supplies. How many people on the list? We have over 130 clients on the waiting list.'

For more information about helping the St. Bernard Project, call (504) 277-6831, or go to

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