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I can't remember where I saw it, but apparently the Saints are wondering if they should stop playing, 'Stand Up and Get Crunk' at home games.

The answer is yes.

'Get Crunk' was the anthem of 2009 but just like Cha-Ching, Whoop There It Is, I Believe, and a less fun Saints gameday activity, wearing a paper bag on your head, it's time to put it in the time capsule and wait for whatever comes along next to grab Saints fans attention when they are winning.

I'm not here to bash 'Get Crunk'. I get chills every time I hear it. From 2009-2011 the Saints offense scored so much we heard it on game day as much as PA announcer Jerry Romig. Every great season needs some goofy activity or song fans grab onto. 'Get Crunk' was so bizarre and random for a football game it was perfectly New Orleans.

If I close my eyes I can still feel the chills from seeing Tracy Porter's interception of Brett Favre and hugging my mom screaming, 'I knew Brett Favre would screw up!' I'm not even sure the 'Dome actually played 'Get Crunk' after the play, but in my memory they sure did.

The thing is, hearing 'Get Crunk' after the Saints scored a meaningless against Carolina in the season finale was miserable. I want 'Get Crunk' to only remind me of the spectacular. Nothing great lasts forever, if it did it wouldn't be great. If the Saints are still playing 'Get Crunk' in 2015, it will be like watching a 75-year-old guy dancing to Gangnam Style. Did you just have a brain aneurysm thinking about that? I did.

In college I took an acting class and one of the things the teacher talked about was recall. Say an actress needs to cry during a scene. Well, if she uses recall she'll think of something sad in her life like a parent dying or something. It allows the actress to create a wave of emotion so the tears start flowing like Clare Danes in Homeland. The thing is you can only use a certain memory to create an emotion so many times. Eventually your body and mind say, 'Nope, thinking of when your pet turtle died in the fourth grade isn't so sad anymore.' The memory isn't linked to emotion anymore.

If we want to always hear 'Get Crunk' and for a moment feel the magic of 2009 then we have to put it in away and only bring it out to reminisce or maybe for playoff games.

So long, 'Get Crunk.' It was great fun and we'll see you around when we are having a cold one and remembering the good times.

The Games

Last Week: 2-2
Denver (-9.5) vs. Baltimore: I think Roger Goodell is trolling my mother. She hates Goodell with the heat of a thousand suns for ruining the 2012 Saints season and seeing him hug Ray Lewis drove her crazy.

'Goodell couldn't even prove whatever he said the Saints did yet he treats a person convicted of obstruction of justice in a murder trial like a hero! He better hope I don't see him Super Bowl week.'

I think in general Saints fans hate Goodell and love to read anything about how awful he is. Nearly 25,000 of you read my column on why he's ruining the 2013 Saints. If I could every headline would have why Goodell is terrible in it. Internet gold.

As for the game, the Ravens aren't nearly good enough to win a road playoff game.

Broncos 30-17

San Francisco (-3) vs. Green Bay: If Justin Smith is anywhere near 100 percent how is Green Bay's offensive line going to keep Aaron Rogers upright? Everyone remembers the replacement referees botching the Packers game in Seattle. You know what you probably forgot? Those eight times the Seahawks sacked Rogers in the first half.

49ers 27-14

Atlanta (-2.5) vs. Seattle: I want to pick the Seahawks. Lord knows I'll be rooting for them because if Atlanta caps another 13-3 season with a home playoff game it will be fantastic Sunday on Twitter but Russell Wilson will fail late.

Falcons 31-27

Houston (+9.5) at New England: This is the game everyone is thinking will be the worst of the weekend. I'm going the opposite way and predicting the Texans come really close to the upset. Houston has no pressure and it will be big fun late Sunday when this game is tied. Tom Brady figures it out or Gary Kubiak does something dumb so either way Patriots move on.

Patriots 27-23

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. Email him at, find him on facebook, follow him on twitter at!/MilneMalbrough or download his podcast at unes.

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