NEWORLEANS- Police found a three-year-old girl who was reported as a kidnapping victim and arrested the woman she was with though the suspect said she had permission to take the child.Dajanae Brady was found in good health and was reunited with her parents late Saturday night, according to police. 19-year-old Kentrell Harris was booked with aggravated kidnapping.The pair were located in the 1900 block of North Galvez and police were led to the location by a call from a man who said he had seen their picture on TV. Police said the entire incident started when Harris, who had picked up the child from the father before, went to the family home on January 7 and reported that the grandmother wanted her to be picked up. Police said the father, having entrusted his daughter with Harris before, allowed the girl to go with her. He got concerned later in the week when he found out the grandmother did not have the child and attempts to contact Harris did not work.The pictures of Harris and Brady were given to the media Saturday morning and their distribution apparently led to the tip.
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