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LAPLACE, La. -- In LaPlace, heavy rain fell throughout the day Thursday, causing some problems for folks like Sonny Hebert, whose home just off Hwy. 628 was surrounded by water.

'It started about, I'd say about (10 a.m.), that's when she started rising,' Hebert said. 'I'd say about an hour later, it was up.'

On Madewood Road, St. John Parish workers tried diverting traffic with barricades, but vehicles kept passing through anyway, adding to frustration for some homeowners.

'What is gonna happen with all this water? It can't go anywhere. We need something to happen,' said Tina Ory. 'We can't keep going through this. We just went through Isaac. Half these houses back here flooded. My house flooded. We had to gut it -- a place that never flooded, ever. So, I don't know what can be done, but something's got to be done.'

It's a similar story for many homes in the neighborhood -- along streets like Madewood and Ellerslie -- and for some homeowners, the cleanup from Isaac is still dragging on.

'It's very stressful, you know,' said one neighbor. 'I just got all my stuff put back in and we almost got water in the houses again.'

According to Saint John Parish officials, there were no reports of water in homes or businesses.

Debris in catch basins caused problems in some areas, but all pumps were working at maximum capacity, officials said.

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