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NEWORLEANS - It may cost more to buy cigarettes in Louisiana in 2014.

The Bobby Jindal administration confirms the governor is now considering an increase in the per pack cigarette tax.

It's something he totally opposed in the past.

'We've always said that we would be fine with it if it was done in a revenueneutral way,' Jindal said, 'and we are willing to consider this and other changes as part of a larger efort to eliminate the income tax in a revenue neutral way.'

Aides said the governor is looking at what neighboring states charge.

Louisiana's state sales tax is among the lowest in the south at $0.36 per pack.

Two years ago, the governor was against a $0.70 per pack increase in the tax.

The administration put the issue back on the table as part of a broader discussion to eliminate personal and corporate income tax.

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