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NEW ORLEANS - A memorial grew outside a 7th Ward home Thursday night, as friends remember Lauren Tanski, 26.

The native of Albany, New York was found beaten to death inside the home early Monday morning. Friends said Tanski had planned to move out later that day.

The man charged with her murder, Henry Dolliole, 40, is the estranged boyfriend of Tanski's roommate, according to one of Tanski's close friends.

Dolliole has been in and out of the criminal justice system for decades.

'How many chances is Dolliole supposed to get, how many chances does he have to go out and create victims?' asked New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Ronal Serpas. 'Tanski got no chances.'

Dolliole has been arrested at least 10 times since 1989. His rap sheet includes charges from narcotics to armed robbery to attempted murder. Most of those charges were thrown out by previous district attorneys.

Serpas said that's a shame.

'If we are going to be the best police department in the world, you still have to have a good criminal justice system,' said Serpas.

'You've had opportunity here with some pretty serious charges to turn this individual around and you see that they don't,' said District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Cannizzaro said his office accepts more cases than the offices of previous district attorneys.

'One of the things we are trying to do, striving to do, is try to accept as many cases as the police bring us if we believe we have a viable case,' said Cannizzaro.

But neighbors believe police could have done more to keep Dolliole off the streets as well.

Neighbors said they've repeatedly called police on Dolliole; the most recent time was Friday, just days before Tanski was killed.

Multiple neighbors said they heard Dolliole fighting with his estranged girlfriend inside the home where Tanski was later murdered.

Neighbors said Dolliole's estranged girlfriend, who was Tanski's roommate, had numerous bruises. Police said Dolliole's ex-girlfriend called that day as well.

But according to a police spokeswoman, officers did not see any sign of a physical altercation or injuries when they arrived, and so they did not arrest Dolliole.

Neighbor Sylvia Miller said police simply put Dolliole in the back of a police car and escorted him several blocked away.

'If they would have put that man in jail they would have saved somebody's life and that man wouldn't be going to jail for life,' said Miller. 'She had bruises on her arm, she had bruises right here, she had bruises somewhere right here, and she was showing it to the police.'

What's more, court records show Dolliole violated his ongoing probation for heroin possession several times when he didn't show up to court or pay fines, but was still on the street, a responsibility that lies with the judge.

'There's got to be some accountability with regard to that individual. If there is no accountability, the person is not going to take the sentence seriously, and if he doesn't it seriously then he's going to come back, he's going to commit more crimes,' said Cannizzaro. 'As in this case, the crimes are going to escalate.'

Dolliole is being held without bond on a first degree murder charge. He is also charged with public drunkenness, having alcoholic beverages in a vehicle, and violating probation.

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