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NEW ORLEANS -- Experts say having the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens playing in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII is a great match up for the storylines involved, for the game itself and for the New Orleans economy.

Two weeks out from the big game, the pressure is on to get ready.

Barcadia is a new bar in the Warehouse District that just opened last week. The owners said they worked diligently to get it opened before the influx of Super Bowl revelers.

They're one example that it's not just the major players, like the city of New Orleans, that have to get ready. Everything from small businesses to their suppliers have to prepare.

After several years of perfecting their recipe, everything about a batch of Nola Blonde is scientific. The only thing that's experimental is whether or not they'll have made enough beer for Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl.

'We've been non-stop brewing for about four months, which is pretty unusual. Normally we do about three to four brew days a week, but it's just been non-stop,' said Kirk Coco, president of Nola Brewing Company.

Bud Light is the official beer sponsor of the Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean craft breweries are getting left out completely.

'A lot more customers coming into town and drinking our beer. So, that combined with the fact that it's landing right in the middle of Mardi Gras meant we really had to gun up get ready months ahead of time,' Coco said.

Nola Brewing's effort to get enough supply ready for the back-to-back events is one small example of what all is going into Super Bowl XLVII.

Two weeks out, the transformation of Jackson Square into a CBS park is getting closer to completion and other projects are going on all over town.

'I'm so proud of the people of New Orleans for all the work that they have done to get ready for this event. I have no doubt New Orleans is gonna shine for the world stage,' said Mayor Mitch Landrieu, reflecting on the selection of the two teams that will play in the game.

Event experts said having Baltimore and San Francisco in the game is a win for New Orleans.

'San Francisco and Baltimore have teams that have not been in Super Bowls in over ten years. So, their fans are very hungry to come to New Orleans and participate in the game,' said Jay Cicero, executive director for the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee.

Both of the teams' home towns are too far to make New Orleans a driving destination. But Cicero said it really won't affect attendance.

'It's not gonna change the amount of people that are gonna come to New Orleans. It's gonna change the traffic pattern,' Cicero said.

So, whether they drive or they fly, the end result is having more people in New Orleans bars playing games, eating in the city's restaurants, drinking their beer and staying in local hotels.

In fact, Cicero said hotels have been booked for months, so it really didn't matter which teams ended up making it.

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