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Private schools and public schools listed as 'select admission' will compete separately from traditional public schools in football playoffs starting next season after a vote at an LHSAA meeting Friday morning.

The proposal will affect only the sport of football and was initially proposed by Winnfield High as a safety issue, as the school cited '140-pound' players going up against 300 pounders.

A staggering vote of 206-119 showed the large support for the issue among public schools, many of whom have felt for a long time that they compete at a disadvantage to schools that can attract students from across district lines.

The regular season football games will be played along district lines, but when the regular season ends, public schools and private schools, along with public charters, will go into separate classifications for the playoffs.

There will be two classifications for the private and select schools, done by admission numbers and there will be the usual five classifications for public schools.

It is unclear if all seven championships will be conducted at one location, as has been the case the past few decades, with the Superdome hosting the championships save for the season after Katrina.

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