Clancy DuBos / Political Columnist

Super Bowl XLVII is off to a great start, but it's not too early to plan for Super Bowl LII.

Yesterday, the chairman of the local host committee announced that New Orleans wants to get in the hunt for that game. That's a great idea.

When it comes to sprucing up a city, there's nothing like a deadline. And as we saw this year, there's no better or more effective deadline than a Super Bowl. Equally important, the 2018 Super Bowl would kick off New Orleans' tercentennial celebration.

Putting together a winning bid won't be easy. The stakes seem to get higher every year. But timing is also a key factor, and right now with the world's media and the NFL brass in town for this year's game the timing is perfect for New Orleans to launch a campaign to bring the Super Bowl back to New Orleans in 5 years.

Of course, it helps that everyone in town for the game is already having a great time. It will help even more if things continue to go well the rest of this week. Let's all remember that when we encounter our guests.

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