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NEW ORLEANS -- The Super Bowl may be over in New Orleans, but clean-up efforts are still underway at the Superdome.

As part of that process, the NFL is teaming up with local businesses to make sure that post-game waste is saved and not trashed.

'It's basically triple layered. It's a really good bag,' said Traci Claussen.

The owner of REpurposingNOLA Piece by Piece has a knack for turning one man's junk into another man's treasure. From bags to dresses to shower curtains, Claussen designed items from reused Super Bowl XLIV banners.

'Super Bowl XLIV where the Saints won. We repurposed about 33,000 linear feet of those banners and I have two [items] left. We're down to 32 feet,' said Claussen.

With this latest Super Bowl over, Claussen is cooking up new ways to 'repurpose' NFL materials that the league refuses to toss into landfills.

'We don't want to see anything go into the trash, especially when it has value. It actually becomes an investment in the community,' said Jack Groh, who oversees the NFL's Environmental Program.

Groh estimates that somewhere between $250,000 to $500,000 is spent on raw materials for the big game.

'There are six, seven miles of fabric that decorated this city. It includes the fence material. It includes all the stuff that was in the stadium, hotels, the airport, the banners,' said Groh.

'So far we've got lots and lots of banners. Heavy vinyl ones and also some thinner ones that are sort of a sun-shade type of material. We should be getting some carpeting and some lumber,' said Phyllis Jordan, executive director of the Green Project.

The Marigny-based organization that takes in construction material donations is helping the Super Bowl Recycle.

'The Super Bowl Committee has decided they want to recycle as much material as possible, so we are taking some building materials and banners that we can sell to people at really low prices,' said Jordan.

A third company in New Orleans is also helping repurpose materials from the Super Bowl. They will be used for sets and props in local film productions.

Fabric and signage isn't the only thing being recycled. The NFL says that extra office supplies are headed to NORD and leftover food items are being donated to Second Harvest.

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