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MOBILE, Ala. The disabled Carnival Triumph is nowhere in sight of the cruise terminal in Mobile.

These husbands feel like they've been waiting an eternity to see their wives.

'It's hard not knowing what's going on out there,' said Joe Crouch, who is from Brazoria, Texas. 'There's no way to communicate with them. It's real heartbreaking.'

Crouch's wife and dozens of other women from Brazoria County are on the annual 'Girlfriend's Cruise.'

Decorated doorways, festive T-shirts and down time in their rooms quickly changed into survival mode.

'They were having to use bags and buckets to go in the bathroom,' Chuck Dorsett said. 'Then people were leaving it out in the hallways.'

Dorsett said his wife described foul, almost unbearable conditions on Monday, days before the ship was towed into port.

And he believed it's gotten a whole lot worse for the more than 4,000 people on board.

'They were being fed onion and cucumber sandwiches,' Dorsett said. 'And they didn't have no water. They were drinking sodas and whatever they could find.'

'Mine was craving Mexican food Monday when I talked to her on the phone Monday,' Crouch said 'First thing she says, 'Soon as I get home, we're going to eat Mexican food somewhere.' '

As they count down the hours, they are beyond anxious to lift their wives' spirits.

'We've got them flowers and candy and stuff like that hoping to cheer them up a little bit,' Crouch said.

It might not be an ideal Valentine's day but it's one they're sure to remember.

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