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NEW ORLEANS -- Opponents of the city's recent moratorium on alcohol permits packed into a town hall meeting Monday to try to fight it.

The New Orleans City Council voted on the moratorium after neighbors voiced concerns about problem bars in the Carrollton area.

Councilwoman Susan Guidry addressed the crowd about the issue, specifically mentioning Jimmy's Music Club, stressing that the ban doesn't stop businesses from applying for a waiver depending on how the location is zoned.

'I'm not some person standing up against Jimmy's Music Club. I'm standing up against the Frat House. I'm standing up to protect the residents, and I'm standing up for a moratorium that would help to do exactly that, would not deny anyone a permit,' Guidry said.

'We are going to be meeting with the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. We're appealing this process because we know the moratorium is illegal,' said owner Jimmy Anselmo.

There's no word yet on when that appeal will be heard.

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