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NEW ORLEANS -- As the hours tick by and concerns grow over Terrilynn Monette's whereabouts, those who know her are teaming up with some who don't to push the search forward.

'We want to get her beautiful face seen by everyone, so that one person who might know something, sees her, can call the authorities and bring her home to us,' said Amy Hoyle, principal at Woodland West Elementary, where Monette teaches second grade.

Tuesday, Hoyle met up with Lakeview residents to post 'missing' signs that feature a large photo of Monette around the area.

'Well I heard signs are being given out to put in your yard and I didn't want people to forget about this teacher. I wanted people to keep on looking for her, because I know the family still has hope for her,' said Lakeview resident Colleen Moore.

Monette has been missing since early Saturday morning, when she was last seen in a parking lot near Parlay's bar in Lakeview.

For Terrilynn's family, friends and colleagues, not knowing her whereabouts is proving difficult. In the time since the case went public, New Orleans police have remained very tight-lipped about their investigation.

Still, Tuesday evening, those helping in the search said they're choosing to stay positive.

'We've received so many thoughts and prayerful ideas have been sent our way, and we're just really grateful for all of the support. Our students need it, our teachers need it, Terrilynn needs it, Terrilynn's family needs it,' Hoyle said. 'We are as hopeful and as prayerful as we possibly can be for her safe return right now, we can't wait to have her home.'

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