Tania Dall / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS -- Floats, cabbages and the ever so prominent green transformed Magazine Street into everything Irish on Saturday.

'The people, the families, the beautiful weather,' said Sue Guidry. 'The fun catching cabbages getting flowers.'

The parade, organized by the Irish Channel St Patrick's Day Club, marked its 66th anniversary.

Revelers like Guidry can't get enough.

'It's a diverse group. Old people, young people, everybody just having a good time, enjoying each other, enjoying the parade,' she said.

The St. Patrick Day's tradition also coaxed Aminata Brown and her daughter into being part of the festivities.

'It's really a great family day. It's fun for the kids. The throws are really different and interesting,' Brown said.

They joined thousands of people lined up along the parade route to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

'It's just really nice to be out here with the community.'

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