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NEWORLEANS - Broadway in New Orleans has been a big hit at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. Now, the restored Saenger is getting in on the action.

On Thursday, officials announced a new season of hit Broadway shows coming to the historic theater starting in October. The list includes 'Book of Mormon,' 'Ghost,' 'Sister Act,' 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Memphis,' 'War Horse' and 'Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles.'

'It's a great season. It's a very exciting way to bring the Saenger back into action. It's been since 2005, so we're talking about eight years without this magnificent theater,' said David Anderson, the CEO of the Ace Theatrical Group.

The Saenger is still in the process of being restored. There is currently no back end on the building as the stage is being expanded to twice the size to accommodate Broadway productions.

In 2012, $52 million in renovations began at the theater, which has been shut down since it flooded during Hurricane Katrina.

The theater is set to reopen late in the summer.

'It will be absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. It will look largely like it did in 1927 when it was built. It will be a total historic restoration from the stage house forward. So you'll see the blue sky and the twilight that we saw before,' said Cindy Connick, the executive director of the Canal Street Development Corporation.

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