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COVINGTON, La. Police arrested five teenagers who are accused targeting the Savannahs subdivision, pulling off a series of criminal pranks for over a year, according to a release from Capt. Jack West, a spokesman for Covington Police.

Three 16-year-old boys and two 15-year-old boys were charged with criminal mischief, according to West.

Police said they had been looking for the teens for over a year.

Residents of the subdivision said teenagers had been 'running around the subdivision ringing door bells, beating on houses, and stretching garden hoses across the roadway. At some of the residences, they also took furniture off of the resident's front porches and then placed the furniture in the street,' said West.

Despite increased patrols in the subdivision, police were unable to apprehend the suspects until Tuesday night.

That evening, a Covington officer found the group, but the suspects fled into a wooded area. The officer was able to identify two of the suspects with the help of some residents, said West.

Police stopped a vehicle in a nearby neighborhood. 'When they stopped the vehicle the officers asked the driver for his driver's license and where he was coming from. He told them he had just left a fast food restaurant. The name on the license matched the name of one of the teenagers they were looking for. Officers looked at the teenager and saw he was covered in mud, and had numerous scratches on his legs and arms. Officers deduced that this subject was one of the teenagers they were looking for,' said West.

The parent of another juvenile arrived at the police department with his son and the other three juveniles. After the teenagers were booked, they were released to their parents custody. The teenagers are not to allowed to enter the Savannahs without their parents, said West.

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