GRETNA, La. - A fired Coca-Cola supervisor has been arrested on allegations that he used keys he stole while working there to open and steal money from soda vending machines.

Rory Luke, 43, of Gretna, was booked with theft, criminal damage to property and possession of stolen property.

Sheriff Newell Normand said the investigation began when a supervisor noticed that Coca-Cola vending machines in several Jefferson Parish locations were continually coming up short of money.

Luke, who was a former Coca-Cola supervisor, who was fired in March 2011 for illegally taking money from a vending machine, became a suspect in the investigation.

Normand said that when investigators issued a search warrant for Luke's residence, they found three master key rings containing 23 keys that had been stolen in January 2011.

Luke told investigators that the keys allowed him entry into the vending machines where he could take money. In all, Luke is accused of stealing close to $9,000.

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