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NEW ORLEANS Searchers have not given up hope that they will find missing Jefferson Parish school teacher Terrilynn Monette, who has been missing for nearly three months.

Crews spent another day on Bayou St. John pulling out submerged vehicles, none of which have matched Monette's car. And Tuesday was another long day on the water and along the banks for the volunteer crew doing the work.

The crew pulling cars out of the bayou describe it as an underwater parking lot for cars that went missing over the years. One-by-one tow trucks removed vehicles while searching for Monette's black two-door Honda Accord.

The Jefferson Parish teacher disappeared March 2, nearly three months ago.

This is the third day of removing submerged vehicles for Gary Sellno from G & D Towing. He's volunteering his services to honor his daughter's memory.

'To lose your child, no matter how old they are, it's hard, you know,' Sellno said. 'My daughter got killed in an accident when she was 18. Not knowing would be the hardest thing.'

'You would think it would be difficult for a person to just vanish, but it does happen,' said state Rep. Austin Badon said, who is spearheading the search effort.

Monette disappeared not far from Bayou St. John and was last seen on a traffic camera at around 5 a.m. turning from Harrison Avenue to Marconi Drive in City Park. She was returning home after a night out with friends at Parlays in Lakeview.

'A lot of these cars are insurance scams and stolen cars,' Badon said.

Sellno, meanwhile, said he's not giving up.

'The lady is trying to find her child, man,' Sellno said. 'Hopefully she's not in here. But if she is at least it could give a little closure to the family.'

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