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NEW ORLEANS -- A New Orleans woman who applied for a new job almost lost a small fortune to a con artist posing as a fake employer.

'I applied for the job,' said New Orleans resident Keisha, 'and they sent me an email back stating that they are from England, and they are moving back in town, and they need someone to take care of their two kids.'

Keisha applied online to be a nanny, but quickly got suspicious.

'They never gave me no interview, no anything, so out of the blue, I received a check.'

Keisha was told to deposit the $2000 check, keep her salary, and return the rest.

'I have to send it back to them,' Keisha said. 'It's a scam.'

'They call it the Nanny Scam,' said Cynthia Albert of the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau is warning about the Nanny Scam that anyone who deposits a check like that will lose the money they return, because the checks are fakes, which Keisha found out when she called the company listed on the check.

'He was like ma'am I'm so sorry, that's a fake check,' said Keisha. 'This is a real company, but the check is fake.'

'You just don't want to send any money back, because you're going to lose that money, and then the bank is going to report it is NSF,' said Albert.

There are a variety of schemes involving fake checks, but recently I've noted that we've had an increase in the numbers of emails and calls to the Action Line about them. So has the Better Business Bureau.

'We get so many calls on this,' said Albert. 'We know exactly what's going to happen, that they're going to ask them to wire money back.'

'I just want them to be more careful out here, and think before you react,' was the advice Keisha offered others.

'This is not a gray area,' concluded Cynthia Albert. 'This is a scam, and you want to stay away from it, because you will lose your money.'

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