NEW ORLEANS - An attorney for a former New Orleans police officer fired for allegedly writing a bad check nearly nine years ago is appealing his dismissal.

Donovan Livaccari tells WWLTV that Jeremy Wilcox will appeal on the grounds that the incident happened before he was on the force and had no effect on his job performance.

Livaccari said the bad check stemmed from an air-conditioning business Wilcox owned with a partner. Livaccari said Wilcox wasn't aware of the 2004 bounced check until it surfaced in 2011.

Wilcox's attorney, Donovan Livaccari said Wilcox quickly resolved the matter and the criminal charge was dropped.

'This clearly happened well before he was a New Orleans police officer,' Livaccari said.

Wilcox was arrested last July in St. John the Baptist Parish when a deputy found he had an outstanding warrant in St. Charles Parish, where he'd written a bad check in 2004.

'How can you be responsible for something before you were subject to any rules and regulations of the department?'

The check was in the amount of $2,505.

Deputy Chief Darryl Albert said the decision to fire Wilcox was justified because the officer admitted during a Public Integrity Bureau hearing that he had known about the bad check since July 2011.

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