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NEW ORLEANS -- April says the house next door was abandoned before Katrina, and she has been asking the city to demolish it since 2007.

Now the front porch is collapsing as the structure fails, and strong winds blow parts of it onto her property.

'My car has been damaged twice, my house has been damaged once,' April said. 'I'm terrified.'

What terrifies her are vagrants she sees in the house on a regular basis, and she worries they are spying on her and her neighbors.

'My home has been burglarized twice, in 2009 and again a few months ago where my side door was kicked in.'

The roof is failing, and so are the ceilings and inside walls. There is significant termite damage. Animals, including possums and large rats, are coming onto April's property.

'I made it to the second step, and the rat started hissing at me, and I was like never mind, we'll wait until morning to take the trash out, and there was a snake. We have snakes all the time.'

I contacted the mayor's office and code enforcement. They told me this has been on the city's radar since 2010 when there was a judgement, a guilty judgement. But the city didn't do anything.

They came back in March of this year, and this time determined this was not in danger of collapse. April was stunned when she heard that.

'I'm at a loss for words,' she said. 'I can't believe that they said that.'

That's when April emailed the Action Line, and sent a copy to City Hall. Well, they reinspected, and this time found 'substantially more violations.' Now April wants action.

'I want them to tear it down. I want them to tear it down now.'

I'll let you know what happens.

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