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COVINGTON, La. -- The signs of economic progress are half hidden along Hwy. 190, between Northpark and Three Rivers Road, in the Covington area.

The work being done here is to develop an office park, with hopes of drawing in large corporate companies looking for office space, and the possibility of retail and residential expansion in the future.

But some who live nearby worry about wildlife, which they believe is paying the price for the progress.

'There were five adults and two baby coyotes. And I'm sitting in the road and they're looking at me for a good 15 seconds maybe and they looked confused, they looked hungry, they looked scared,' said Bonnie Poirier.

Poirier said she thinks because machinery is moving into the once-woodsy area, animals are moving out with nowhere to go but toward neighborhoods and the people in them.

'When they do go into the neighborhoods, of course, the first thing that happens is you get animal control involved. Many times they're shot or killed or they go after the family pets because they're hungry,' said Poirier.

The development company said in a statement to Eyewitness News, 'We are unaware of any habitat migration per se from our project, and we will continue to develop our project in accordance with all applicable laws, but also with prudence, due care and respect for the environment -- a consistent theme of the existing Northpark development.'

Some hope a plan is also developed for the wildlife as the office park development continues.

'Please to have a plan in place so that we won't have the cries for help in getting these animals rid of that are coming into our own backyards,' Poirier said.

In total, the development project will cover 75 acres. Only 10 percent of that has been cleared so far.

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