New Orleans - The Louisiana SPCA is finding new homes for dozens of chickens and hens, seized from last week's raid of a cockfighting breeding camp, in New Orleans East.

According to the LA/SPCA a few 'early birds' arrived waiting to adopt some of the rescued birds, early Monday morning.

Make-shift chicken coops were made out of an old storage facility on the site to house the hens until their new homes can be found.

About forty birds were already adopted before noon, by people who want to raise them for their eggs and house them in a humane way.

About 600 birds were found on Trinh Tran's property last week; and, many of them were kept on the property in make-shift cages made out of chemical barrels. The LA/SPCA says there were about 100 barrels on the property, holding separate birds because of their aggression.

The LA/SPCA also seized hormones and razor blades, tools often used in cockfighting.

According to the LA/SPCA, Tran told them he did not have a cockfighting ring on his property in New Orleans East but rather took the birds to other states such as Mississippi and Alabama for fights.

The LA/SPCA had to euthanize more than three-hundred roosters seized in the raid because of health problems.

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