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NEW ORLEANS -- A fresh asphalt patch and a new concrete sidewalk mark the site of the major water pipe break on Cohn Street.

But the sides of Cohn Street on this block are covered with mud, a mess the residents say should have been cleaned up long ago.

'I just got through mopping our house,' said Joe Perdue. 'You've got to mop every two to three days, because no matter whether you get into or out of the car, you're tracking mud either into your car, or your house.'

When the pipe broke last month, it flooded streets and cars, and spread thick mud over a sizable area.

'I was shocked,' Perdue said when the pipe broke July 23. 'I couldn't believe it.'

The Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board not only responded to repair the pipe, but promised to clean up the mess, including the mud.

'We have a lot of clean up work we need to do in this street and in neighboring streets where a lot of the flooding conditions existed in the last couple of days,' Sewerage & Water Board General Superintendent Joe Becker said on July 25.

But a month later, the mud remains. Rainy days make it a real mess, and the neighbors say this is a promise not kept by the Sewerage & Water Board.

'Not really, not really, not after the promise they made that they would come by and clean it all up,' said Perdue.

The water board promised to clean this up. It's been a month. I'll be contacting them, asking them to keep that promise, because this neighborhood just wants to get things back to normal.

'It's just frustration knowing that it doesn't take much to come out and clean this up,' said Perdue, 'maybe a half an hour's work.'

This afternoon Cohn Street residents were told the clean up is now scheduled, and were delighted to receive notices that sanitation crews will sweep up the mud Wednesday.

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