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NEWORLEANS- Dat Dog's motto is 'put a smile on your face.'

Devon Walker had one on his as he entered the popular eatery on Freret Street in New Orleans Monday.

Dat Dog held a special fundraiser to help with his ongoing medical care.

The Tulane safety suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a game against Tulsa last season.

'I'm pretty excited,' said Walker. 'I'm happy that Dat Dog is helping out. They are so generous.'

Tulane senior and Dat Dog manager Max Resnik came up with the idea of holding the event on the first day of classes for students.

'I thought this to be a great venue to really bring our forces together and try to raise some money for him, especially with the Tulane season kicking off later this week,' said Resnik.

One of the featured items on the menu is a Devon Dog. It's a hot-dog covered with chili, cheese, grilled onions and bacon.

Devon picked out the ingredients.

'Some of my favorite ingredients, some things I though would go well together, a hot dog that not just myself, but everybody would probably like,' said Walker.

Dat Dog gave Walker 10 percent of what went into the cash register between 1pm and 7pm, Monday.

There was also a special button on the register allowing patrons to make a direct donation to Devon's care.

'We're just hoping to let everybody know that this young man needs a little help,' said Dat Dog Manager Jackson Brown. 'He had a terrible thing happen. I hope we can help in some little, small way.'

'It means everything, the difference it makes just to know you have somebody else there for you, that's helping you along the way,' said Walker.

Walker returned to Tulane this semester to finish up his senior year.

He is seeking a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology.

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