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BRAITHWAITE -- The DeMatteo family was relatively new to the Braithwaite area when Hurricane Isaac flooded their dream house.

Remy and Debbie DeMatteo lost everything at their Bayou St. John home after Katrina and moved into their brand new Braithwaite home just nine months prior to Hurricane Isaac.

'It was a wonderful neighborhood, great way of life. We really enjoyed our nine months, but like Katrina or anybody else, it was all taken away. And there's no help, no reason to rebuild,' said Remy.

Debbie added, 'We're just at a loss, we don't know what to do. We're kind of in limbo. We can't insure it, we're really at risk.'

Now the DeMatteos feel a buyout is their only option and that it does not make sense to rebuild in the area.

'We love the home, we love the neighbors, we love the people. We have people like the Shaffers who everybody knows. They rescued people, they're heroes. That's the kind of people we have here. But nobody pays for a levee with a nice way of life,' Remy said, when asked about why it they would probably not rebuild.

The DeMatteos would consider rebuilding if there were significant changes to the area, but for now they are trying to rebuild their lives in a place where protection is more guaranteed.

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