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A weekly discussion of the tropics from the Eyewitness News Forecast Team

In this week's Talkin' Tropics, there's good news to report for our part of the world: another quiet week is coming up, and we have less than a month left in hurricane season.

Of course, it's been a tame season for us in the New Orleans area. But it hasn't been so quiet for Mexico, where eight named storms have made landfall.

That number includes storms on the Atlantic side of Mexico, along with storms on the Pacific side... like Tropical Storm Sonia, which made landfall over western Mexico on Sunday. Sonia is now a remnant low, but it still dumped more than five inches of rain over coastal areas of western Mexico.

Mexico has dealt with three named storms on its Atlantic side this year, but it's been the target for no less than five named storms on its Pacific side. The eastern Pacific has been more active than the Atlantic this season, with 18 named storms, eight hurricanes and one major hurricane. That's 50 percent more named storms and four times as many hurricanes as the Atlantic.

As Sonia's remnants fizzle out over northern Mexico, things are fairly quiet in the Atlantic Basin. Dry air, shearing winds and a lack of instability continue to keep things calm.

The only spot worth noting is a weak low pressure area in the Caribbean Sea. The disorganized clouds and showers will drift westward this week, but the system has a low chance of developing into anything big.

See you back here next week for your Talkin' Tropics discussion. Every week, we'll post a fresh tropics forecast for the week ahead.

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