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NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Family and friends gather on Belfort Avenue to share hugs and tears after hearing 24-year-old Michael Broyard was found dead early Wednesday morning.

What started out as a house fire later revealed a gruesome discovery. Fire crews found Broyard's body in the house with multiple stabs wounds.

Shirley Vaughn lives down the street from the scene.

'I was shocked,' she said. 'I thought it was a fire. When I came to the door and saw eight or nine fire trucks, I thought it was a fire down the street.'

A man who said he is a relative of the victim didn't know of anyone that would want to harm Broyard.

He got the call early Wednesday, saying he needed to come to the home, something tragic has happened.

Safiyyullah Yusef said he was the victim's uncle.

'He was a very quiet person. He was an artist. He did tattoos. He was going to school at SUNO. He was never known for being in trouble, so this is shocking to me.'

Crime scene investigators and detectives swarmed the area looking for clues while several bags of evidence were taken from the home.

Neighbors knew something was wrong when police came to the door after the fire was out.

'When police came to ask me had I seen anything this morning, I said no,' said Vaughn. 'They said it was a murder. I was shocked when he said the word murder. I was shocked.'

Yusef said he lost another family member to senseless violence.

'It is going to take a lot of cooperation between a lot of different factions like the churches, the neighborhood and police.'

Police have not released any suspect information at this time. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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