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NEW ORLEANS -- Two officers with the New Orleans Police Department are due in federal court Thursday afternoon.

The FBI says it arrested the duo on charges of payroll fraud and theft connected to security details.

'You see this in every profession where there is the option to do it the right way or the wrong way, but a small percentage motivated by greed and arrogance will do it the wrong way,' said Rafael Goyeneche with the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

Federal investigators say that two veteran NOPD officers did it the wrong way. The FBI alleges that 33-year-old Quincy Jones and 39-year-old Rafael Dobard were working security details at the B.W. Cooper and Guste public housing developments when they submitted questionable timesheets.

The feds claim both officers double billed the NOPD and the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) for overlapping work periods.

Goyeneche said this latest federal probe shows the need for the NOPD consent decree mandating an Office of Secondary Employment that will eventually oversee NOPD police details.

'That office is still in the process of getting geared up. If in fact these details were coordinated through the office of secondary employment, it probably would have prevented a double billing,' said Goyeneche.

'The allegation here is that the officers were letting their time overlap. There are absolutely no policies in place by the OPSC that would prohibit that so its up to the officers,' said Raymond Burkhart III, attorney and spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police.

He warns that the two officers being investigated are innocent until proven guilty. Burkhart adds paid details shouldn't be part of the NOPD consent decree reform, since officers are working outside normal working hours.

'The fact is the city and the government and the courts have spent more time worrying about paid details than giving the officers the training that they're begging for and that they want to ensure are officers are policing constitutionally,' said Burkhart.

The federal investigation also alleges that Jones and Dobard were stealing money intended for confidential investigative purposes.

The FBI says they're both currently in U.S. Marshall custody and will be in federal court on Thursday for their first appearances.

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