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NEW ORLEANS -- Brick-by-brick, military veterans Marshall Hevron and Wade Kodrin are restoring over 100 years of tradition.

The two have been hard at work Uptown repairing the VFW hall for themselves and veterans who need resources adjusting to life at home.

'To come back to the civilian world and relate to people who don't share those experiences it can be hard and the one thing it can really be is isolating,' Hevron said.

The makeover of Post 8973 is symbolic of the 'new and younger' veteran who Hevron said is eager to get involved in the community.

Such is the case for Kodrin. After returning from Afghanistan, the transition to normal life was difficult.

'When you get out and don't have that outlet to serve, you almost feel unwanted, and that was the case for me,' Kodrin said.

After joining the VFW, he was able to find work and run his own service program. Most recently he is on his way to a full-time position.

On Veterans Day the post will hold several programs for networking and legal help for any vet needing it.

Kodrin said it's the least he could do in return after getting back on his feet.

'On Veterans Day it is very special to give to other veterans because we have a lot of issues we face if we don't take care of each other we can't expect other to do the same,' Kodrin added.

Hevron said, 'You really need a community of veterans who are out there and say, 'I know where you coming from. I know where you need to go and I'll help you get there.,'

The post will hold its program Monday, from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. It is free to any veteran.

There will be someone on-site from The Pro-Bono project providing legal assistance.

Someone will be available to go over veterans benefits.

Click here for more information, or call 504-233-VETS.

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