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NEWORLEANS- A youthful face is rounder and fuller, but with years of sun damage, the face loses volume, then sags.

Now there is a quick way to fix that instantly in the doctor's office.

At almost 65, Lynn Ansardi wanted a bit of a lift, but not with a scalpel.

'A face lift would take too much down time for me. I work full time,' said Ansardi.

So she decided to be one of the first in this area to try a new product.

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo is the first physician in the area trained to use Voluma. It's the first filler that's FDA-approved to lift the cheeks.

'When you have a sunken cheek, it causes everything south of those sunken cheeks to fall down,' said Dr. Lupo, who practices in New Orleans.

The smile lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth, the marionette lines from the corners of the mouth toward the chin, and the jowels are all affected. Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris says Voluma will offer something new for patients who have lost volume whether through weight loss or damage from years of sun.

So Voluma I think is going to be a game changer. Why? Because now we have something that's FDA-approved for the mid-face area. What's going to really differentiate Voluma is it's going to be that instant affect,' said Dr. Farris, who is board certified and practices in Metairie.

Other mid-face fillers on the market such as Sculptra, can takes weeks to months of injecting before getting the full effect. This is immediate. And the results, when using enough to give a full correction, can last up to two years according to studies.

'It's absolutely amazing the the immediate gratification that patients get,' said Dr. Amanda Abramson, a resident at Baylor University. She was doing a rotation with Dr. Lupo, learning how to inject.

But patients can also decide to correct in small steps.

'I often tell my patients that we can make this a process rather than a procedure,' explained Dr. Lupo.

And the good news about this and other hyaluronic acid fillers is if a mistake is made, doctors have a quick and easy way to dissolve it.

'I see a big difference,' said Ansardi looking in a mirror immediately post procedure.

She says with the numbing cream she felt almost nothing. And in moments, she notices higher smoother cheeks and that her jowels and eye puffiness are not as pronounced.

The structure of Voluma is different than other HA fillers and it's placed deeper in the skin, using the cheek bone as a platform.

Drs. Lupo and Farris will be training other local board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons on contouring techniques.


Editor's Note: Dr. Patricia Farris is no relation to Medical Reporter Meg Farris.

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