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NORCO, La. -- Nick Circolone is the general manager of Haydel's Furniture store in Norco. He said he was in the back of the building when he heard what sounded like gun shots.

'All of a sudden I hear pop, pop, pop at the window,' he said.

What he saw was the front of the business is riddled with small pellet holes and cracked windows.

St. Charles Parish detectives say someone drove by with a high-powered pellet gun and opened fire.

'It is a shame from when I grew up. Some kids these days don't have respect for other people's property,' Circolone said.

This week alone his business has been hit four times, three in one day. The vandals were even so bold to shoot at the windows about 30 minutes after police left the scene.

'It is unbelievable. I could not believe they had those type of guts to do it within that short period of time.'

Detectives say at least 10 more incidents have happened in Norco in the past week.

Most of the damage can be seen on Apple Street. There vandals also shot out the windows of a lawyer's office and a thrift store nearby.

We are told some car windows as well as homes have been the most recent targets.

'We are not sure if they are going to move up to where it actually shoots through the glass or if they are going to shoot someone with it,' said Maj. Rodney Madere with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office.

It's believed teens are the responsible at this point, which is why police aren't offering a cash reward, but a coveted Xbox One gaming system.

Investigators hope the rare prize is tempting enough to turn up a suspect before someone is seriously hurt.

'It is not so far-fetched that it could cause serious injury or even death if it went through someone's eye or something like that,' Madere said.

Circolone said it will cost him more than $2,000 to fix the windows.

'It really put us in a bad place. Now we have all these holes in our windows,' he said.

The most recent shooting happened early Thursday morning.

Anyone with any information related to these incidents is asked to contact Detective Chris Baird with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office at 985-783-1135 or 985-783-6807.

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