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PONCHATOULA, La. - Ponchatoula High School senior Abbey Brennan says the saxophone has been part of her life since sixth grade and she's had plans to take her musical talent and instrument to college.

But in September, that changed when the school was broken into and her sax, along with flutes belonging to two other students, were stolen.

'It's just heartbreaking because our instruments are like our babies,' she said.

Since then, the girls have had to rent or borrow instruments in order to participate in classes or concerts. They say the school has done nothing to help with those temporary arrangements, or to replace their personal instruments, worth thousands of dollars, taken from the school.

'Mr. Square always kind of told us, 'OK they're safe here, you can keep them here and so you don't have to bring it back and forth every single day and you won't forget it for class,'' Evelyn Bennett said.

'It's really shocked me honestly because I really thought they would have helped us with the situation because we really had no control over our instruments getting stolen,' Miranda Monteleone said.

The district says its investigation into the situation found that no staff members told the students it was a requirement for the instruments to remain at the school. The district also says it has a policy that frees it from any responsibility for any personal items stolen or lost on school properties.

That reaction has the girls' parents equally upset.

'I think the finger-pointing needs to stop and the people responsible need to step up and admit responsibility,' Robert Brennan said.

The students say they just want help keeping their music goals on track.

The Tangipahoa Sheriff's Office is still actively investigating this case.

If you have any information that can help recover any of the stolen items or identify the burglar, call Crimestoppers at 1-800-554-5245.

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