KENNER, La. - A Kenner woman has been arrested and booked for her alleged role in 8 residential burglaries and 2 attempted burglaries, according to police.

Janell Keys, 38, is accused of taking part in the burglaries that occurred between December 8 and January 2 on East Loyola Drive, East Louisiana State Drive and Ole Miss Drive.

According to Kenner Police spokesman Brian McGregor, Keys admitted to serving as a lookout while others committed the burglaries.

Kenner Police said that in each case the rear of the home was broken into either through an unlocked window or by breaking a window.

Keys was booked with two counts of attempted simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling and possession of marijuana.

McGregor said that Keys was arrested at her home and that some of the stolen items were found there.

He said that among the items stolen were money, jewelry, laptops, video games and other electronics.

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