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AMITE, La. -- Could the next Scott Pelley or Karen Swensen be sitting in an Amite classroom?

Dana McLin is teaching Amite High School journalism students about news reporting, including working on the school yearbook.

'When we learn about how people, about how journalism is, and how it affects the world, it makes me more anxious to learn about it every day' said student Gaberial Clayborne.

'What I'm hoping is that they'll have a career path, and I'm opening their minds to something that they wouldn't normally experience,' said Dana McLin.

When Mrs. McLin couldn't find money for a New York Times student teaching magazine, she decided to raise the funds herself, and attracted the attention of a world famous tennis star.

'It was Martina Navratilova,' said McLin. 'She's the greatest woman's tennis player ever. ... She paid $317 to completely fund our New York Times Upfront magazine.'

'I really like the program, but she has taken it above and made it her own,' said Amite High School Principal Mildred Johnson. 'Even though you have a set thing of what needs to be done, she has embraced it and the students really care about what she's doing and how she has impacted their lives.'

Now Dana McLin needs a special program to teach students about self-publishing, valuable in many fields.

'Today's world is so reliant on electronic media,' said McLin.

There is a dollar sign on the school sign. That's what Dana McLin needs. She's raised $300 so far, but needs $500 more to get that program, to make sure she can help these kids.'

'They will be able to learn skills that will last a lifetime,' McLin said.

'She's a very nice teacher, and likes to teach us,' said Gaberial Clayborne.

For details about Dana McLin's fundraising project, click here

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