Della Hasselle / Mid-City Messenger

Ten years ago, Bayou St. John was not such a coveted destination as it is today. The grassy banks were overgrown, and pools of trash lay stagnant on water that wouldn't flow due to dams that severely limited any southward movement.

'Anyone who remembers Bayou St. John before Hurricane Katrina remembers that it was never used, that people were afraid to walk on it at night and that it was dirty because people who came by had no respect for it,' says Jennifer Farwell, a Mid-City resident since 2002 who is also the president of the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization.

Fast-forward to today, and the bayou is experiencing resurgence a kind of renaissance that has brought the waterway's banks teeming to life. Some Bayou St. John and Parkview residents say the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction that new measures are needed to control the area's activity and their proposal is drawing mixed reactions from different neighborhood groups.

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