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NEW ORLEANS -- It was learning party at the New Orleans Public Library as hundreds of students and some very famous faces, helped fight illiteracy in the city.

It's a collaborative effort of the city and several parishes to turn the page on the state's dismal education numbers.

'We all came here to set a world record, which I know you will set, but it will also put you on the page for what's about to happen because reading is the most important thing you can do,' Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

Actor Wendell Pierce narrated the book 'The Bourbon Street Band is Back' to a group of more than 500 students, which could make it the largest interactive learning session on record.

'We all want the best for New Orleans, and this is one of the first steps to make sure that these kids have it better than what we had,' Pierce said.

Kenneth Walter, a New Orleans resident, volunteered with his granddaughter Brazil Madison. Like most kids there she loved the music.

'I am a firm believer in reading,' Walter said. 'My parents taught me early on if I wanted to see the world, get in a book and read, so this is a special event for me.'

Musician Irvin Mayfield serves on the library board. He said growing up he always felt like this was the smartest city, but now wants to see that claim to fame a reality.

'Think about New Orleans could not only be the most fun city, the type families can come and hang out, but we can be the smartest city in the world,' Mayfield said. 'That is an amazing message to me.'

The group will hold several more events in the coming month. Click here for more information.

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