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CUTOFF, La. -- Dozens of students at South Lafourche High School took on the cold weather Friday holding signs supporting their classmate Garyn Strong.

The 15-year-old committed suicide last week after what his parents call years of excessive bullying.

If you ask his friends, they would say Garyn was like most teenagers.

'He was happy, he was outgoing. He was a really nice kid that wanted to be friends with everyone,' said Zonya Borne.

News of his death sent shockwaves through the school so these students wanted to take a stand against bullying, even if it meant being late for school and standing in freezing weather.

'I don't see how people can sleep at night knowing they are the reason he did that. He actually went through with it,' said Sydney Adams, one of Strong's classmates.

Strong's parents found his body earlier this week in the family's kitchen and now his father, Thad Strong, wants to warn other parents to look for warning signs that there may be trouble in their kid's lives.

'If their grades start dropping quickly and they just keep on saying I hate school, I hate school, I hate school, there's something going wrong in that school,' Strong said.

Temperatures dipped in the lower 30's Friday morning, but those at the rally who have been affected by bullying said the sting of the cold isn't as deep as the bruise of losing a classmate.

Destiny Richoux, said, 'You know what it felt like when you were a kid and you scraped your knee? That's what it felt like. Words hurt just as much. Really bad.'

'It has affected me pretty well. I have never liked bullying and I think it should stop,' said Alexis Louviere another student.

Students who attended the rally were allowed back into school but given a tardy as a penalty.

The Lafourche Parish School district issued the following statement: 'The Lafourche Parish School District and the South Lafourche High School family are dealing with a tragic incident for the Strong family, and that incident's impact on the students and employees of the high school. Our sincere sympathy is extended to the Strong family. Our school district adheres to strict protocols in implementing the student codes of conduct. We are cooperating with the Lafourche Parish Sheriff Office's investigation and will await their findings. The school district cannot comment on student educational matters pursuant to Federal and State student and family privacy laws and will defer all inquiries at this time as it relates to this tragic incident.'

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