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ST. TAMMANY,La. -- As the defrosting of the Northshore began Thursday morning, triple the cars seen on area roads over the past few days headed toward the south shore.

People in Slidell, who only had Hwy. 11 to get to and from the city, rejoiced when the Twin Spans finally re-opened. But one Slidell driver was not one of them, following her trek from the airport last night.

'It took me about an extra half an hour,' said Kate Reynolds. 'I was beat when I got home and I decided this morning not to go in to work.'

Mandeville drivers didn't hesitate to take their typical 24-mile route when the ice finally broke on the Causeway at midday.

In fact, many waited hours before the gates were raised to simply drive a normal route for the first time since Monday.

'I'm dressed for work, I'm ready to go to work,' Christine Palmer said. 'Been cooped up in the house for two days and I'm just tired of sitting around.'

In Tangipahoa Parish, many drivers ventured out to find their go-to highway, I-55, still closed for most of the day, leaving them with US 51, the only alternative that's been offered.

Some say they haven't wanted to chance any route until now.

'I mean I've got job to do and I've got work to be done, but my life means more to me then getting out here trying to get myself killed to get a job done,' said Terry Clark.

Even though it was a pain for many to only have alternative routes, law enforcement says they worked well.

'Traffic was at a minimal, so these roads that aren't as wide, or busy as interstates, usually, they maintained. We focused our resources to keeping those roadways passable,' said Trooper Greg Marchand.

Now, everyone is glad to see their winter worries washing away with the ice.

Louisiana State Police say there were no weather-related crashes or slip-n-slides in the Troop L area. But another sign of things getting back to normal was that there were a few fender benders during the morning commute.

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