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NEW ORLEANS -- Just hours after a memorial was held Wednesday afternoon for a first grader killed by a driver in Gentilly, Shaud Wilson's family showed up to City Hall for a public hearing on public school transportation.

'This is the city of excuses. I'm tired of excuses. I just want something to be done,' said Shaud's mother, Heather Goeloe.

It's been less then a week since she buried her son. Wilson was hit and killed by a driver crossing Paris Avenue last week on his way to school.

'I never want anyone to feel like I feel ever again. I don't want anybody to lose a child. How I lost mine,' said Goeloe.

'We need a straight-forward plan to make sure that bus routes and stops are safe,' said Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell.

The 6-year-old's death pushed Cantrell to call the special hearing. Public and Charter school officials were invited to talk school bus safety. Some suggestions discussed were centralizing the city's school bus transportation system, increasing the number of crossing guards and better lighting.

'That would be an answer to the transportation issue: one entity control the transportation for everyone,' said one official addressing council members.

Since Wilson's tragic death, Crescent City Schools confirms his bus stop was moved.

CEO Kate Mehowk said it's not just up to schools to keep kids out of harms way, but the community.

'It's really important that we think about this as a city. How can all drivers in New Orleans - look out for our children and obey the laws. If we do that we'll be a safer city overall,' said Mehowk.

Other ideas talked about at the hearing were requiring school transportation safety plans, well-marked school buses, updating the city's school zone location records and re-evaluating current bus stop locations.

It's a flurry of suggestions that come too late for one Gentilly family.

'I still have my moments when I think of my grandson. I try to fight the grief off,' said Shaud's grandfather, Lloyd Goeloe.

City and school officials also talked about tackling the mushrooming school transportation budget citywide and reducing the number of hours students spend commuting on school buses.

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