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Former New Orleans Saints player Darren Sharper is now under investigation for seven alleged rapes and 11 druggings in four states.

Eyewitness News obtained a 27-page Arizona police report describing alleged calculated drugging and rapes Sharper is accused of committing. The victims' accounts are similar to those in other states. (See complete police report)

'When you look up the definition of a serial criminal or a serial rapist, it's someone who has repetitive behavior,' said Eyewitness News legal analyst Chick Foret.

A Tempe, Arizona police report is shedding light on two rape and drugging allegations against Sharper, mirroring similar cases in New Orleans and California. The 27-page document details Sharper visiting a female friend, hitting night clubs and allegedly preparing shots and cocktails of Ketel One vodka which allegedly incapacitated three of four women.

The report says a doorman witnessed one of the victims struggling out of a cab. He told police she was 'stumbling, gagging, dry heaving, bend over and spitting/throwing up in the outside trash can.'

'You've got Mr. Sharper accused of sexual assaults, all over the country now, and for a defense attorney attorney each time another victim comes forward it becomes exponentially more difficult to defend that case,' said Foret.

This latest case out of Arizona is also different from the others. The police report details how Sharper allegedly raped two victims who woke up the next day suspecting they'd been sexually assaulted in the same apartment.

A third victim says she took a shot of alcohol, and then locked her bedroom door, telling police, 'She felt she had been possibly drugged after having that one shot from Sharper ... had not had anything and was very weak and disoriented from that one shot.'

That same victim believes she saw Sharper sexually assault her friend later that night. 'She was taken [a]back by what she saw and stood there for awhile wondering if she should intervene. She reported being concerned that the sexual act was not consensual because she did not know [if the victim] was awake.'

The police report describes how Sharper was confronted by the victims after the alleged sexual assaults. He claimed ignorance.

Foret says rape kits and witnesses make these Arizona allegations against Sharper stronger. Foret believes others could face criminal charges.

'When this investigation continues does it eventually lead to the person who gave or sold these controlled dangerous substances to this alleged serial rapist Darren Sharper?' said Foret.

Although Sharper is under investigation in four states, California has only filed criminal charges against the 38-year-old. He's due in court in Los Angeles on Thursday and faces up to 30 years behind bars for those charges alone.

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