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NEW ORLEANS -- It is a startling sight, the utility pole leaning over Second Street, just off Prytania.

Drivers are hesitant to pass underneath it or park across the street, as it appears the cable is the only thing holding the pole up.

But for how long?

'Pretty much could happen any time,' pointed out neighbor Beth Lambert. 'It's gonna fall over, on cars, on people, what have you. ... Well, it is scary, I mean you've got wires, you've got wires hanging near cars, people, there's a school a block away, you've got children walking.'

It is also one block from the St. Charles Avenue parade route, which brings a lot of vehicles and pedestrians past the leaning pole.

'My husband stopped a policeman who was working for the parade in the neighborhood, and he said he would call it in,' said Lambert. 'He was very worried.'

The pole clearly has a metal ownership tag on it, which reads 'SCBT,' and that stands for South Central Bell Telephone, which is now AT&T.

But Beth said her neighbor has been seeking help.

'Called Bellsouth. They said it wasn't their problem,' Lambert said her neighbor told her. 'Called Entergy, it wasn't their problem, but obviously it's somebody's problem.'

A lot of calls have come into the Action Line over the years about bad utility poles. But this is one of the few I can remember being able to actually push. I'll be contacting AT&T, asking for emergency help.

'Oh it is frightening,' Lambert said. 'It's scary, it could fall over while you're touching it.'

An AT&T spkeswoman saw the condition of the pole, and went right to work on this.

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