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Arrest warrant applications issued by the New Orleans Police Department shed new light on rape allegations against former NFL Network Analyst Darren Sharper and an acquaintance of his, Erik Nunez. The narratives show a similar pattern to other rape allegations made against Sharper in four other states.

The NOPD applied for aggravated rape warrants against the two men last week. In the applications, the detective says the two alleged victims told him they were substantially impaired by an 'unknown substance to a degree that they don't remember all of the sexual intercourse.'

Both victims reported waking up from a stupor disoriented with Darren Sharper nude on top of them.

'The NOPD arrest warrant clearly shows that there's an independent witness who was an acquaintance of the accused, Darren Sharper, and Erik Nunez who walked in,' said WWL-TV legal analyst Donald 'Chick' Foret.

The detective says in the warrant that the acquaintance told them when he entered Sharper's apartment with an authorized key card, Sharper was in his boxer shorts and Nunez walked out of Sharper's bedroom also wearing his boxer shorts.

The warrant also says Nunez and Sharper 'admitted to other known witnesses' that they had sex with both victims without their permission.

Friday morning, Nunez has a hearing scheduled at Orleans Parish Criminal District Court to determine if he'll be granted a bond. Last week, his attorney was outraged that the magistrate judge ordered him held, because Nunez had not been formally charged.

Sharper has an extradition hearing scheduled Friday afternoon in Los Angeles to determine if and when he would be brought to New Orleans to satisfy the arrest warrant.

'It may well be that the prosecutors in la do not want to lose physical custody of Darren Sharper for fear if they do and he comes back to Louisiana and he is held on a substantial bond or no bond that they may not get him back until the aggravated rape charges are over in New Orleans,' Foret said.

Sharper was released on a $1 million bond in Los Angeles, but when the NOPD issued their arrest warrant for him, the L.A. County judge put him back in jail until they can have the extradition hearing Friday.

'Darren Sharper is alleged to have committed rapes in California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Louisiana. The only place that he has formal charges filed against him is in Los Angeles,' Foret said.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office has not charged Sharper or Nunez with a crime. Sharper is merely being held on an outstanding warrant and Nunez is on a court-ordered hold.

Sharper's local attorney Nandi Campbell said, 'We are concerned that he's not able to make a bond and he's not charged with anything.'

The arrest warrant applications for Sharper and Nunez are nearly identical. Both allege the offenses were committed on October 23, 2013, even though the initial incident reports said the report was made on September 23, 2013. An NOPD Spokeswoman confirmed Thursday the correct offense date is September, not October.

'If Darren Sharper and/or Erik Nunez both raped one of these victims, that is, indeed, under Louisiana law aggravated rape which carries with it a mandatory penalty of life imprisonment,' Foret said.

That's another problem for Sharper. Sources said he would typically be allowed to turn himself in to New Orleans police on a fugitive or warrant bond, but because aggravated rape carries with a mandatory life sentence in Louisiana, California law may not allow it.

It's one of many issues the court is expected to work out Friday, including whether attorneys for Sharper will waive extradition.

If that happens, representatives from the NOPD and the DA's Office would fly to California as soon as this weekend to pick Sharper up and bring him to New Orleans to satisfy the warrant.

If he does not waive extradition, legal experts said the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office would have to apply for extradition to the Louisiana Attorney General. That extradition order would have to be signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, and then be delivered to California's Attorney General.

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